Orient Express Train

Orient Express Train is a reputable brand name offering luxurious and professional transportation service from Hanoi to Sapa and vice versa. The train accommodates 38 berths with glamorous wood-panelling cabins and comfort facilities such as fresh soft berth, individual reading lights, baggage storage as well as spacious trunk for suite case and hand luggage. The interior decor is charmingly designed with elegant features to generate pleasant and inspirational feeling for passengers. There are three kinds of cabin including soft 2 berths VIP, deluxe 2 berths and 4 berths deluxe. Two modern toilets are equipped at either ends of each carriage.

Special Note:
- One way tickets are available for all trips.
- Children aged less than 5 year old don’t have to pay for the tickets as they could share rooms with their parents
- Ticket prices include snack and drinks but don’t include meals
- There is no WC in each cabin, but you could find two WCs at two ends of each carriage

Price (one way per person): $40 (Deluxe) or $90 (VIP)

There is no Orient Epxress VIP Cabin on SP3 & SP4
VIP 1 Cabin – 2 Berths/cabin
VIP 2 Cabin – Private Deluxe Cabin base on 4 Berths/Cabin but 2 upper berths will be removed.
VIP 1 & VIP 2 Cabin is the same class, amenity & price.